Maxima: The Opportunity Group

about maxima

Founded by the late Graeme Hutton, one of Australia's most successful exploration geologists, Maxima has retained its reputation as a leader in identifying potential and creating opportunity.

Since its inception, Maxima has continually expanded across a broad range of sectors and offers expertise in the discovery and development of opportunities for all types of businesses.

our people

john hutton (managing director)

Mr Hutton has a background in financial management and investment, aquaculture, mining, resources and property development. His family business has a long history in northern Western Australia's pearling industry, and he was also instrumental in the development of Marine Produce Australia, now the largest producer of farmed Barramundi in Australia. A former AFL footballer, Mr Hutton is passionate about creating long-term opportunities for indigenous Australians.

mark lucas (consultant)

Mr Lucas has global experience in the branding, positioning and marketing of food and beverage products and projects, including the extensive development of aquaculture seafood brands. Creative Director of a highly successful advertising agency, he is also a Director of Dardanup Butchering Company (DBC), WA's largest multi-species red meat company.

cameron crowe (consultant)

Mr Crowe has a background in farming, tourism, community education and outdoor leadership in regional communities and isolated environments, spanning more than 30 years. He initiated the establishment of Leave No Trace Australia in 2001 after studying at the National Outdoor Leadership School's Pacific Northwest branch, Washington State. He is a founding board member of Leave No Trace New Zealand.

steven gill (general manager)

Mr Gill is a Marine Biologist with over 20 years experience in the fishing, aquaculture and seafood industries, as well as having significant experience in government and media relations. A graduate of the National Strategic Leadership Program for the Seafood Industry, he has held numerous high-profile CEO roles including the Western Rock Lobster Council and the Master Fish Merchants' Association of Australia. During 2011/12, Mr Gill was China Project Manager for the Australian Seafood Cooperative Research Centre.