Our History

Founded by the late Graeme Hutton, one of Australia's most successful exploration geologists, Maxima has retained its reputation as a leader in identifying potential and creating opportunity.


Decades of potential

Maxima was founded by prospecting geologist, Graeme Hutton, more than five decades ago. Graeme’s eye for opportunity was based upon science and his success was built on plenty of hard work.

His geological fingerprint can be found across Western Australia and include discoveries of major iron ore and gold deposits in the Pilbara, diamonds in the Kimberley, and copper in the Murchison.

The success of the early exploration and mining provided the foundation for future business expansion and diversification into areas such as property development and aquaculture – which remain a core part of our business today.

This long and extensive experience gives us a unique ability to make connections, both in Western Australia and all over the country.