For more than three decades we have used innovative aquaculture practices to produce premium products for domestic and exports markets.

A pearler of a story

Over the last 30 years we have specialised in the production of the rare Australian South Sea pearls, produced from the silver lipped pearl oyster also known as Pinctada maxima; the inspiration behind our company name in acknowledgement of our deep connection with WA’s pearling industry. At the height of the Western Australian pearling boom, we were the country’s third largest South Sea pearl producer.

Diversifying our assets

In recent years we have diversified our aquaculture portfolio to include tropical rock oysters in response to rapidly increasing global demand for sustainable sources of seafood. In partnership with industry, government and Traditional Owner groups, we are leading numerous tropical rock oyster research and development trials in WA’s Pilbara and Kimberley regions, utilising our existing marine assets and extensive aquaculture experience.

By leading evidence-based research and development trials and building meaningful and authentic partnerships with industry and community, we aim to continue to unlock the economic potential of the Western Australian coastline and become WA’s leading tropical rock oyster producer.

Our commitment to culture

Our strong commitment to creating meaningful business and employment opportunities for Traditional Owners is at the forefront of every project we contribute to.  This has also led to the creation of the Aarli Mayi Aquaculture Project, a unique partnership between Maxima and three Aboriginal Corporations in the Kimberley to collectively explore supply chain opportunities to support existing large-scale barramundi farming in Cone Bay.

Our Projects
Tropical Rock Lobster
The Australian Tropical Rock Lobster is an exquisite seafood, in high demand for its superb texture and taste, and commanding a premium price.
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Tropical Rock Oysters
Oysters have been growing in abundance along WA’s north west coast for thousands of years. The natural environment and tropical climate set the perfect growing conditions and the region’s existing export infrastructure and close proximity to Asian markets present an attractive…
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Maxima has been producing some of the finest Australian South Sea Pearls for more than thirty years from our pearl farms in the Kimberley and Pilbara region of Western Australia. At the height of the Australian pearling boom we were WA’s third largest pearl producer.
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Aarli Mayi
The Aarli Mayi Aquaculture Project is enabling the vision of the Kimberley Saltwater Country people – the Dambimangari, Mayala and Bardi Jawi Traditional custodians of the land and saltwater on whose country the Kimberley Aquaculture Development Zone and service industries will…
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