Aarli Mayi

The Aarli Mayi Aquaculture Project is enabling the vision of the Kimberley Saltwater Country people – the Dambimangari, Mayala and Bardi Jawi Traditional custodians of the land and saltwater on whose country the Kimberley Aquaculture Development Zone and service industries will be situated.

Maxima is an equal shareholder in the Aarli Mayi Aquaculture Project Pty Ltd alongside the three traditional owners.  The Company is seeking to define a new level of cooperation in economic and social advancement with the Kimberley Saltwater Country people. The business has Aquaculture leases and licences for 5000 tonne per annum production of fish in the Kimberley Aquaculture Development Zone.

Our expertise in project management, investment, industry development, stakeholder management and seafood production supports the unique collaboration and shared vision between Traditional Owner groups.

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