Tropical Rock Oysters

Oysters have been growing in abundance along WA’s north west coast for thousands of years. The natural environment and tropical climate set the perfect growing conditions and the region’s existing export infrastructure and close proximity to Asian markets present an attractive industry development opportunity. 


In partnership with industry, government and Traditional Owner groups, our vision to establish a globally competitive rock oyster industry that creates local jobs, provides diversity to regional economies, and enables meaningful employment and business opportunities for Traditional Owners.


We bring the aquaculture expertise, marine assets, licences and industry knowledge required for successful grow-out trials that will provide the foundation for establishing a commercial industry in WA’s north west.

Our Projects
Pilbara Rock Oyster Trial
The first step towards developing a new aquaculture industry for the Pilbara. Utilising Maxima’s aquaculture expertise and existing pearling lease in Flying Foam passage off the Dampier coast, this two-year trial resulted in promising outcomes and potential for the development of…
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Northern Australia Rock Oyster Project – Pilbara
An expansion of the original research and development trial to refine hatchery culture techniques and grow-out methods across six trial sites in the Pilbara.
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Kimberley Rock Oyster Trial
Maxima have four trial sites at Cone Bay in the Buccaneer Archipelago where rock oyster production trials have been underway for two years. The trials complement our existing pearling operations in Cone Bay.
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