About Us

We are a WA business with international appeal. Built on two generations of pioneering development, we continue to create opportunities for industry, businesses, and the community.

Home grown success

We are a proud Western Australian company based in Perth with operations in the Pilbara and Kimberley regions. Seeking out potential to create new opportunities for WA’s people, land and produce is at the heart of everything we do. We have led the development of some of the state’s most iconic products including Cone Bay Barramundi which took WA-grown seafood to the world, and Eco Beach Wilderness Retreat – the first luxury eco accommodation in the Kimberley which brought a new wave of international tourists to the Kimberley region.


Our history

Founded by the late Graeme Hutton, one of Australia's most successful exploration geologists, Maxima has retained its reputation as a leader in pioneering industry development through innovation.

Graeme’s eye for opportunity was based upon science and his success was built on plenty of hard work.  His geological fingerprint can be found in Western Australia and include discoveries of major iron ore and gold deposits in the Pilbara, diamonds in the Kimberley, and copper in the Murchison.

In 1988, Maxima was issued its first pearling license and we celebrated our first harvest three years later. Thirty years on and we are still one of Western Australia’s largest quota holders of the highly sought-after Australian South Sea Pearls.

Aquaculture continues to form a large part of our activities, with ventures established in Sea Cage Barramundi (Cone Bay Ocean Barramundi), as well as innovative new research and development into tropical shellfish species.


Our business today

We are a family business with a modern approach, treading a new path by creating employment and opportunity for regional WA by building strong, sustainable industries. Our vision is backed with decades of investment and industry development experience, combining a strategic investment approach in the boardroom with technical expertise and a hands-on approach in the field.