Tropical Rock Lobster

The Australian Tropical Rock Lobster is an exquisite seafood, in high demand for its superb texture and taste, and commanding a premium price. The pristine tropical waters of the Kimberley, home to our Cone Bay aquaculture facility, offer an attractive environment for producing this highly sought-after product.

To pursue this opportunity, we have partnered with Australian aquaculture business Ornatas Pty Ltd, along with support from the government and industry, to lead a ground-breaking rock lobster production trial to grow juvenile hatchery-bred lobsters to a marketable sized product.

Tropical Rock Lobsters will bring an exciting new flavour to the growing Kimberley seafood basket and create greater economic diversity and new employment opportunities for Northern Australia.

Our Projects
Pioneering Tropical Rock Lobster Raft Grow-out for Northern Australia
Using our Cone Bay aquaculture facility, juvenile rock lobsters produced by Ornatas Pty Ltd in its North Queensland hatchery, will be grown to commercial size in a ground-breaking research and development trial.
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Banner image: Tropical Rock Lobster. Credit: University of Tasmania's Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies